Schwartau Research Limited carries out research projects and provides market intelligence on the nascent digital asset landscape.


Research Reports (The Block Research)

Tokenization of Off-Chain Assets (2023): This report offers an overview on the dynamic space of tokenizing ‘real-world’ valuables (or off-chain assets, ‘OCAs’), exploring advantages and obstacles, while delving into innovative projects and protocols in this field.

The State of Digital Assets Data and Infrastructure: 2023 Edition (2023): This report analyses two pillars of the emerging digital asset economy – data and infrastructure – to shed light on how firms are making the increasingly intricate digital asset economy navigable.

The Digital Asset Lending Landscape (2022): This report takes stock of the market structure and landscape of digital asset lending.

Crypto Derivatives – State of the Market (2022): This report provides key insights into the state of the crypto derivatives market.

Pooled Liquidity Provision in DeFi – Concentrated Liquidity (2022): This report provides insights into concentrated pooled liquidity provision on Automatic Market Makers (AMMs).


Webinars (The Block Research)

Automated Market Makers – Past, Present, and Future (2022): Jake Dwyer (GSR), Gordon Grant (Genesis), Marc Richardson (Bancor) and Mark Woods (Bullish) discuss how AMM technology may be used in CeFi, as well as the impact of potential future regulation on the crypto space.